By N.Chaniotis

  • Our hotel cooperates with the accredited doctor,
  • Mr. Thrasyvoulos Kontomitro, MYKONIAN HEALTH, tel: 22890-24211, Mob: 6944338292, e-mail:
  • At the suggestion of the regulations of the National Public Health Organization, all points in the common areas are checked every 4 hours.
  • We provide the staff with masks, gloves and especially in the cleaning service, disposable robes.
  • Hand antiseptics with applicateur are placed in various parts of our facilities for free use by customers and staff, (GEL for LIFE).
  • We placed safety signs to keep distances.
  • Disinfect the wider areas with nebulizer KRAFT 3WF-3, with disinfectant solution DIVERSEY (suma bac), approval no. EOF: 28741/10 / 25.7.2011
  • Daily thermometry of staff, and customers upon arrival and periodically.
  • Coordinator and supervisor for any case is Mr. Nikolaos Chaniotis. Tel: 6944285005